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AUTO INSPECTIONS DIRECT inspectors are trained to evaluate the conditions of a vehicle at the time the inspection takes place.  The inspection report is based on what they observe during the inspection.  AUTO INSPECTIONS DIRECT inspectors cannot dismantle a vehicle to see everything, but by carefully observing what can be seen or heard, our inspectors can provide valuable insight into the condition of the vehicle.  The inspection reports are subjective and are based on the inspector's opinion of the vehicle subject to what is observed during the inspection.  While our inspectors try to find all apparent problems, some problems may not be observable during the inspection.

Your AUTO INSPECTIONS DIRECT inspection report will include all reasonable accessible items that allow the inspector to offer an informed opinion on the condition of a vehicle.  Additional items may be inspected upon request.  AUTO INSPECTIONS DIRECT will make reasonable efforts to accomodate all requests, but does not guarantee that the additional items will be inspected.  If the item is not mentioned in the inspection report, it was not inspected.

AUTO INSPECTIONS DIRECT inspectors will make a reasonable effort to complete a test drive during an inspection but cannot guarantee a test drive will be completed.  If a test drive is not possible due to an owner's refusal, unsuitable weather, lack of license plate or current registration or serious mechanical issues, the inspection report will be completed.  Test drives of certain exotic vehicles may not be possible but our inspectors may request to ride along with the owner for a test drive and will be noted on the report.  Your inspection report may indicate that a test drive was impossible but if there is no reference to a test drive in the report, it was not conducted.  The lack of a test drive due to any circumstances does not provide any remedy or recourse to the customer ordering the inspection report.

The AUTO INSPECTIONS DIRECT inspection report reflects the condition of the vehicle at the time of the inspection.  Because a vehicle's condition may change between the time the inspection is conducted and the actual purchase of the vehicle, AUTO INSPECTIONS DIRECT recommends having an inspection completed as close in time to the potential purchase or sale.  Changes might result from accidents, normal wear, latent mechanical problems or a variety of other unforeseen events, which may reduce the value of the vehicle.  AUTO INSPECTIONS DIRECT is not liable for any changes that may occur after its inspectors have completed their inspection.

AUTO INSPECTIONS DIRECT offers its services "as is" and does not make any representation or expressed or implied warranties regarding its service, or in consideration of the vehcile's design, compliance with any manufacturer specifications, operation, mechanical condition or safety of any vehicle inspected or any component parts.

AUTO INSPECTIONS DIRECT's liability shall be limited to the refund of the fee.  In no event will the liability of AUTO INSPECTIONS DIRECT and its employees, officers, directors, partners, agents and affiliates exceed the amount of the fees paid by you to AUTO INSPECTIONS DIRECT.

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A Pre Sale inspection  can save you $$$'s and time.
​Inspection Reports are sent out the same day the inspection is completed.
An OBDII vehicle computer scan is included with  all inspections of 1996 or newer vehicles.

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